MacKenzie Law 1


rod mackenzieRod MacKenzie was born in 1952 in Kingston, Ontario. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in 1975 from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Law (LLB.) from the University of Windsor in 1983. That same year he also completed his Masters of Business Administration from York University. He resides in an 1875 homestead in Hamilton Township.

Rod was called to the Ontario bar in 1985 and practised corporate/commercial law with a large Bay Street firm, becoming a partner in 1991.He has had a wide range of legal experience both in providing advice and in negotiating and closing transactions.

What sets Rod apart from other legal practitioners is his wealth of actual business experience, which he brings to bear for his clients. Rod has run several retail businesses and, for the last 20+ years he has owned and operated a manufacturing business that enjoys both North American and international sales. Whether it is dealing with banks, suppliers, customers, business partners or shareholders, Rod has stood in your place.

Rod’s goal is to provide excellent service and sound judgment. He likes to relate the story of the Senior Partner who asked him, when he had just started to practice, what it is that clients are really paying for when you get down to brass tacks. The answer he was told is “they are paying for your good judgment”. Then the Senior Partner asked him to define good judgment. Without waiting for a reply the Senior Partner said that good judgment is not merely the application of skill and knowledge, it is the application of skill and knowledge through the filter of experience. Only that filtering can result in wise judgment. And that, Rod says, is his goal, to provide good sound judgment to your particular legal matter.